Welcome, Micah Johnson, Green Corps Manager!


We are thrilled to welcome Micah Johnson as our new Mill Creek Alliance Green Corps Manager! Micah comes to us with a wealth of experience in ecological restoration work. He has trained with NKU's Center for Environmental Restoration and helped lead the Green Corps at the Licking River Greenway restoration site for the past year. Micah has extensive experience in stream and watershed restoration, wetland management, invasive species control, surveying, and trail maintenance. He also has a wide range of valuable machine operation, maintenance, and carpentry skills, all of which will serve the growing Green Corps. Micah holds a BA in Geology and Environmental Science from NKU. He will be leading the Green Corps in the field on their full range of restoration projects and working to secure and manage contracts. He will also be leading the team as they continue the Northside Composts and Light Up Avondale projects. We are so excited to have Micah join our team!