Evendale Commons Restoration Project Ribbon Cutting

On Thursday, November 29 Mill Creek Alliance hosted a ribbon cutting of the recently-completed Evendale Commons project at 2789 Cunningham Dr., 45241.

Thank you to all who attended the ribbon cutting for the Evendale Commons Restoration Project! This was truly a collaborative effort between Mill Creek Alliance, Village of Evendale, Anchor PropertiesSustainable Streams, Environmental Remediation ContractorOhio Public Works Commission, and Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

The project improved nearly 2.5 acres of stream corridor. Funded through a Clean Ohio grant from the Ohio Public Works Commission and matching funds from the Village of Evendale, the project stabilized over 400 feet of actively eroding stream bank.  The previously steep eroding banks were excavated and regraded to a more stable and gentle slope and secured at the base with rock. The newly-configured banks were seeded with wildflowers and planted with native shrubs and trees.  

The previously over-widened main channel of the Mill Creek was reconfigured with a center channel for typical low-flow conditions and a wider floodplain to handle high-flow rain events. Additionally, a riffle, a group of large rocks was installed across a shallow part of the stream. The riffle creates a more gradual elevation change and more oxygen in the stream. The result is easier passage for fish and other aquatic species traveling up and down the Mill Creek.  

Keep an eye out for informational signage that will be installed at the site soon!

If you are interested in seeing a project like this in your community contact us!